Pippa Middleton’s Bum Goes Viral

01 May

It is just over 24 hours since the Royal Wedding and already the impact of social media is empirically evident.

As I write, the ‘Pippa Middleton Ass Appreciation Society’ has reached 47,000 likes, alongside sister sites (pun intended) such as ‘The Awkward Moment you become a Sex Icon at your Sister’s Wedding’.

To provide some background, Pippa Middleton, newly wedded Kate Middleton’s maid of honour, wore a stunning figure hugging white dress with a plunging neckline, which in the 24 hours since, has created significant word of mouth, on and offline. Some sources claim Pippa Middelton has been searched for and blogged about more than the bride and groom themselves!

The Google search term ‘Pippa Middleton’s Dress’ currently yields over 3.5 million results, the top ranking are new sites from all around the world including an interview with the designer of the dress.

Social Mention tracking site currently registers only 1% of its social media posts on Pippa Middleton as being negative. The bond between the public and the traditional Royal family seems stronger than ever, the platform being new age social media sites.

So how different would the aftermath from the Royal Wedding have been different if it were staged 20 years ago?

Anyone who couldn’t view it on TV would have had to wait for it to be rescreened rather than watching it streamed live through the web (Livestream reports the Royal wedding as being the most viewed live stream ever)! We would have to wait for the TV news/ newspapers to show us snippets of the wedding, rather than being able to view news results and images online. The absence of social media would mean we would have to phone or visit our friends, rather than being able to post comments on Facebook, share ideas on an open forum or blog about it. Certainly, the speed and ease at which information is transferable across the web makes it incredibly easy for us to source and share our thoughts.

The pace at which Pippa Middleton has shot to fame clearly demonstrates how in the world of social media where everything is visible and instantaneous, 24 hours is a long time!

This viral effect is what marketers dream of for their own brands. While we attempt to develop campaigns that will shock, surprise and entertain our target market, there is no guarantee a campaign will ever gain the public’s interest and ‘go viral’, potentially wasting all the time and money invested. However, as a brand Pippa Middleton is clearly potent, embodying the modern day woman while humbly relishing her newfound ties to the Royals.
Perhaps the online camaraderie created not only by Pippa Middelton’s bum but also by the Royal wedding will make the Royals seem more relevant?

Do you think the social media aftermath from the Royal Wedding will have a positive or negative impact on the ‘Royal Family’ brand? Please post your comments in the box below…

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One response to “Pippa Middleton’s Bum Goes Viral

  1. jessicalwhite

    May 14, 2011 at 10:40 AM

    The Royals have always come across as a stuffy family that are pretty up tight about everything to me, but times are changing! With the popularity of the young royals and their embracing of social media, they have somehow become more human.
    Have you looked into what they have online? There are government websites (highlighting all things royal… Facebook pages for the family, individuals, couples, everything! Google them and there are blogs galore as well. I think their on-line brand manager is doing pretty well, and as far as their image goes, yes it’s working… Even for poor Kate that was outshined by Pippa’s bum!


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